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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 02:35

Tan Duc Service Area

Tan Duc service area belong to Tan Duc Industry-Service-Urban Complex is located on an area of 107 ha, consisting of sport and gyms centers, entertainment and service area.

The area of natural like and green park is up to 20 ha.

Gymnastics-Sports center with stadium, tennis courts, health clubs, gym rooms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, walk ways…

High-quality relaxation center with comfortable hotels and perfect supporting services.

Various restaurants with many different standards from luxury restaurants to fast food points, meeting all needs.

Tan Duc Service Area with modern utilities is planned, designed and managed under the U.S standards to service effectively for Tan Duc Industrial Park and Urban close by.

Tan Duc Service Area prospects to be a dynamic commercial service center of Long An and a land mark the South’s main economic region.


Park with Tree


Gym Room


Công Viên rối nước


Swans Swiming Pool

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