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Friday, 31 May 2013 08:36

Closing Ceremony of The Year at Tan Duc Little Sun Kindergarten


In the morning, 29 th May at Tan Duc Little Sun Kindergarten belongs to Tan Duc Industrial Park , which organized the closing ceremony of the year 2012-2013. Attending to this event including Duc Hoa Ha Commune leaders, representatives of the Tan Duc Corporation and all teachers, parents of kid.




Tan Duc Little Sun Kindergarten created to meet the needs of the family expert, teacher, staff and residents are working in the industry and worked for TanDuc E- City.

Although this is the newly established school, teachers are always striving hard to become the second mother of the baby. Where look like the second home to the kids, they can have fun, develop thinking and loving care.



Tan Duc Little Sun Kindergarten always focused on fostering the professional development of teachers, updating and improving training programs to maximize learning ability and creativity of the children.

Besides School always done good health check-ups for her routine to ensure a safe environment for the children to study, have fun. Diet not only meet but also nutritious ensure strict hygiene and food safety.


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