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 - The modern factory system, ventilated warehouse broad roads and bridges .....

Worker housing

• Number of units: 500 units (5 blocks)
• The typical size: 17-45m2
• The total planned area: 4395 m2
Tan Duc Plaza is designed ventilation facilities with high quality and reasonable prices to ensure a suitable pplace for worker where they can take a rest after the hard working days. Currently the number of workers hired room was almost filled by the convenience, safety, security housing for workers in the industrial parks.
In particular, Tan Tao Group has supported home loan program in 05 years time.


Experthousing – TanDucStar

  • Number of units: 100 units
  • The typical size: 89-125 m2
  • The total planned area: 5500 m2

Tan Duc Star belong to Tan Duc Industry-service-Urban is located in a high quanlity apartment system that hs been built for expert, high level management of enterprises within the industrial park. In addtional to high quanlity facilities, security is highly focused


Tan Tao hospital 

Tan Tao hospital located in lot 10,  Duc Hoa Ha road , Tan Duc IP with a total area of 10 224 m². Tan Tao hospital was builted to meet the needs of the public health with machinery system and polyclinics regional has been developed and will  put into operation in late 2013, in order to meet the needs and health care for workers and staff of enterprises operating in industrial parks

Infertility Treatment Center Hospital Tao will be operated in 2013. The mission of the Center for Infertility Treatment Hospital Tao is applying the most advanced techniques in the world of infertility treatments to help couples who can not afford birth made parents wishes.


Security Forces

With a staff of security working 24/24 with high sense of responsibility will ensure public order around Tan Duc IP.

Frequency patrol will make investors feel secure for their factories.

Fire Protection

  • Team of fire protection of Tan Duc Corporation was established with a staff equipped with auxiliary devices and high profession.
  • Periodically training and rehearsal to raise awareness of fire protection and distinguishe, protect, property and handle situations when the problem actually occurs.
  • Fire protection staff is stand by 24/7, ready to work anytime, anywhere.




TanDuc Restaurant

Traffic system

Road: system of main roads and sub-roads are planned and designed upon international standards. Main roads of 30 m wide and sub-roads of 25m wide ensure the ventilation in transporting goods and travel easily.

Waterway system is supported by VamCoDong River, a main river in the South, to the East Sea and the provinces in the Mekong Delta

Electrical system

System of power supply station with capacity of 110KV/220KV-2x63MVA assures to supply sufficient and stable electricity park.

Water supply system

Besides the water supply system with a capacity of 43.000m3/ day, Tan Duc Industrial Park develops its another water balance network that ensure to supply sufficiently and stably water for needs of enterprises in the industrial park.

Wastewatertreatment system

Wasterwater treatment factory with capacity of 20,000 m3, international standardized industrial waste treatment help ensure environmental standards around the industrial par.

Telecom system

Modern communication system with 5000 local an dinternational lines, the IP’S switchboard with 22000 ports will meet all telecommunicatrion needs with all types. Digital subscriber access used fro internet, data, online seminars… is ready to meet all needs of business in Tan Duc Industrial Park.


Various integrate public unilities: fire prevention station, general heathcare center, warehousing center, yard for containers, waste purchse area, waste material treatment stations..are buil modernly and conveniently.

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