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Monday, 06 May 2013 04:39

Introduce House For Expert & Worker


House for expert - Tan Duc Star

•    Quantity: 100 unit
•    Model size: 89-125m2
•    Total plan size: 5500m2

Tan Duc Star is a high quality apartment system that has been built for experts, high levelmanagement of enterprises within the industrial park. In addition to high quality facilities, security ishighly focused. 

Tan Tao Group has cooperated with the local authorities and and police to establish Tan Duc self-government team (like a future municipal governments) the legal representation for approximately 6,000 employees, professionals, professors in the area. The establishment of self-government team will contribute to maintaining security and is a strategic milestone in the development of Tan Duc Industrial Park; as well as complete the residential area in the period of transition from industry to high-quality services. The job is small but of great significance, because the Tan Tao Group wishes always stand side by side with investors, and together with the local government to reach success. In contrast, the belief  will help Tao to continue investment and expansion on this land.

House for worker - Tan Duc Plaza


•    Quantity:  500 căn( 5 block)
•    Model size: 17-45m2
•    Total plan size: 4395 m2

Tan Duc Plaza is designed with high quality and reasonable prices to ensure the accommodationfor workers. Because of the convenience, safety, security housing for workers in the industrial parks the number of room for rent was almost filled
Tan Duc Plaza has 05 blocks, each block has 100 apartments. Block 1 meets the need for renting; Block 5 meets the demand for stable housing.
In particularly, Tan Tao Group has supporting program for loan to buy house in 05 years.

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