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TTU's President Dang Thi Hoang Yen ...

On April 2, 2014, at the Hung Temple historical relic in Phu Tho Province, the Vietnam Association of Young Scientists & Engineers held a incense offering to the Hung Kings and held an awarding ceremony to honor outstanding Vietnamese intellectuals for significant achievements on economic and social fronts in 2013.

Tan Duc Industrial Park

Tan Duc Industrial Park was established under Decision No.591/CP-CN dated 06 May 2004 by the Prime Minister. This is the biggest and the most important industrial park of Long An Province and the Southwest, which is located in a modern area of the industrial park, E-city, TanTao University and the high quality service, sports and entertainment complex. This preminum combination is the first international standardized and largest complex in the major economic zone of the South.

Introduce House For Expert & Worker

House for expert - Tan Duc Star

•    Quantity: 100 unit
•    Model size: 89-125m2
•    Total plan size: 5500m2

Tan Duc Star is a high quality apartment system that has been built for experts, high levelmanagement of enterprises within the industrial park. In addition to high quality facilities, security ishighly focused. 

Feature Entrepreneurs

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    Song Wol Vina

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    Quyen Auto

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Tan Duc Industrial Park

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